Breast Surgery

The Truth About Breast Enlargement 

Having breast enlargement surgery is a life-changing decision, so knowing the facts is a must to help you decide. The results of having breast surgery are not always a success and could damage you in the long term. Another term for breast surgery is also breast augmentation and there is a blog that is very in-depth recently published by a breast enlargement company called Organic Breast Enlargements, it is worth giving it a read!


How does the surgery work

The surgery involves implants being implanted into your breasts. The surgery helps:

  • Make your boobs look bigger
  • Gives your breasts an overall better shape
  • Makes then look even 


How much does it cost?

You’ll have to pay for private surgery as you can’t get breast implants on the NHS. The surgery could cost you £4000 to £11000 and is not always 100% successful and could mean additional costs


What you need to know before you decide

There are a few things you should take into consideration before you decide:


  • Choosing a surgeon 


If you’re deciding to enhance your breasts you should always check the care quality commission to see if they’re actually registered with the hospital. Every surgeon has to be registered to perform the surgery.

There are also two other governing bodies such as the general medical council and the British association of plastic reconstitution and aesthetic surgeons. These both should have the surgeon registered and you should always book a meeting work your surgeon beforehand.


You should always ask your surgeon questions like: 

  1. What qualifications and experience do you have?
  2. How many times have you completed this procedure?
  3. Have you ever had any complications?
  4. Where do you get the implants from?
  5. What will the placement be like
  6. What should I expect if things go wrong?
  7. How satisfied are your patients


Choosing your implants

You can get two different types of implants, for example, silicone or saline.


The most commonly used implant is silicone, this is because of less likely to wrinkle and they feel more natural. The downside to this is it can cause lumps in your breasts.